REVOCAMP 2008 is over - and REVOCAMP 2009 is here.

International summer camp for revolutionary youth - July 28 - August 1 - Liberec / Czech Republic

In many places we fight against things that we can’t stand: at school against the pressure to succeed and the arbitrary rule of teachers, at work against bad conditions and low wages, on the streets against nazis. We campaign against militarism and against the destruction of the environment. We fight in small groups or we join up for big protests like last year in Heiligendamm against the G8.

All our struggles, as well as the struggles of the Iraqis and Afghans against occupation or the struggle of the Venezuelans against imperialism have something in common. They are struggles against the ills of our society, of capitalist society. What other struggles are there? What other ills are there that are worth struggling against? Why are there so many problems and what can we, must we do to build up another society?

At the international summer camp of the independent communist youth organization REVOLUTION, we want to speak about all this. Young people from at least six countries will meet up for a week. This is the six time REVOCAMP will take place.

All day long there will be different seminars and discussions which can be continued in gatherings and partys in the evening. There will also be practical workshops about demonstrations, banners, graffiti, etc. All participants run the camp together, i.e. we decide independently about the content and the timetable.

Join the REVOLUTION in Liberec!

REVOCAMP in Liberec / Czech Republic - one week (July 28 - August 1, 2008) including a room and food for about 70 Euros / 55 pounds - infos and registration:

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